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The knowledge, skills and strategy to support employee wellbeing isn't immediately intuitive, but it is teachable! Start today via self-guided, engaging and accessible e-trainings.  


Interested in building a more engaged, proactive and resilient workforce?

Then you're in the right place! Here's what you can expect from Wellbeing Works Academy, an e-learning solution to building employee wellbeing competencies in your organization.

Science Based

All e-trainings are based on current science, data and research and updated regularly to make sure content is in line with best practices. 

Time Efficient

Training curriculums are designed to offer key knowledge transference and skill building via self-paced, 60-120 minute trainings. 

Results Oriented

The purpose of training should be about getting results. Trainings are designed to move participants towards action and measurable changes in behaviors. 

Build key employee knowledge and skills in the area of employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is the forgotten corporate training discipline. We offer employees training on everything else, BUT employee wellbeing skills, when employee wellbeing is the catalyst for every other business objective. Through self-guided, engaging and accessible e-trainings, you can start to build your employees' competencies to support their individual wellbeing and the wellbeing of colleagues. 

Build a workplace culture that supports employee wellbeing

If one employee has the knowledge and skills to support employee wellbeing, it's professional development. But if the majority of your organization has the same capacities - it's a workplace culture shift. Training your organization in the area of employee wellbeing will impact workplace behaviors that can impact all aspects of business productivity. 

Get Started Today

Today is the perfect day to build competencies that can support your wellbeing as a busy professional and support the wellbeing of your colleagues.


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